26 January 2006

Double hearted

" Filigr♥ne"

Felt pin

Ooops, I lost my key!...

A new keyring

14 January 2006

"Fiancés Kerchiefs"

What if you keep the tradition in a new way?

New cocks at the poultry house...

08 January 2006

We're back

HAPPY 2006!

Since the last post, lots of new things have happened:

1. The White Cranes flew away to two places:
Goma 386 in Lisbon and Arquivo in Leiria.

2. We've created some new products. Here are some pictures of some of them.

More nice girls.

More creatures from the collection "Upside Down Inside Out".

More hydrangeas.

The lady bugs were created a long time ago, but they were too shy for photos...
We finally managed to convince them...

3. We've changed our contact. Now, you can communicate with us at thewhitecranes@yahoo.com.br.