12 September 2005


Felt pin flower.

If you would like to have it, or any of our other stuff, you can send us an e-mail: thewhitecranes at yahoo dot com dot br.
You can leave us just a "Hello!".

01 September 2005

A new day has started

We're still managing how to deal with this blog stuff.

Your comments are welcome.

Here are the new friends we've been creating.
I have already introduced them
With a unique basic shape you can imagine many different figures: elephants, sweet birds, flowers...

The small ones are felt pins.
And they are for sale...

Small felt pins (7.5cm)

We also make small things for small people (or not).

This one is a felt tictactoe game.

The board is also the bag where you can put the lady bugs and the small flower pieces.

This way is really easy to take it everywhere...